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Welcome to Maple Valley

The Maple Valley Homeowner's Association (HOA) includes 107 single family homes in a subdivision located in south central Arvada, Colorado. The main entrance to Maple Valley is at Indiana Street and 69th Avenue.

Community at it's Best

Neighborhood Upkeep

Events and Activities

Protecting Our Community

We work with our neighbors to keep our neighborhood looking nice and maintain our property values. 

ALL changes to property must have prior approval. The Committee, in accordance with the Maple Valley Covenants, has thirty (30) day to approve the request after receipt.  If you need approval sooner, contact a member of the committee.

Members of our neighborhood along with our friends in Shadow Mountain plan neighborhood events like the Easter Eggstravaganza, Trail Cleanup, Community Garage Sale, July 4th Celebration, Summer Movie or BBQ, Halloween Celebration, and Turkey Trot and Food Drive


Join the email list to stay informed about events.

We love living by the Ralston Creek Trail and parks, and are working to ensure homeowner voices are heard in land development.

We're members of the Ralston Valley Coalition which works to protect our quality of life, the natural resources we enjoy such as the Ralston Creek Trail, the property values of our homes and businesses, and the hometown rural feel of the area. 

Want to get involved? We'd love to have you. 

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